I really haven't done anything today except work on a geography project so I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm Alison, I'm 15. I guess this year I've had kind of thought more than even about who I am and what I stand for and it's lead me to some ideas that I feel really strongly about but aren't always so mainstream. First off I think it started when I read a bit about Buddhism. I was raised Catholic but since I was like 14 I considered myself agnostic, basically I didn't really know what religion was right or if any were so I stopped caring. Since Buddhism is more of a philosophy that doesn't really talk about God and teaches kind acts and compassion without the expectation of reward I really latched on to the idea. It's basically like the message of John Lennon's "imagine" if that's something more familiar with. The only problems I've really had were shunning material things (ironically, I buy a lot of clothes for a closet nudist) and I occasionally smoke weed which definitely is not cool with the Buddhist philosophy, I feel bad but hey, I guess everyone has their vices, right?

Because of Buddhism I considered becoming a vegetarian but since I was raised on fresh seafood here. I decided I could never ever in a million years stick to that so, so far I have not eaten any meat that didn't swim in the sea at one time..I guess I'm a pescetarian? It's really a pain in the ass too! People often seem annoyed when you can hardly eat anything they are offereing you, particularly my dad. But I think it's important to stick to your guns and not give in no matter what the rest of the world says.

My third radical life change is probably the hardest to explain because people often think you are like a freak or pervert. Basically I just prefer being naked and I wish the rest of the world did too. Seriously I think it would be a better, less judgmental world if people weren't so freaked out about nudity! I mean seriously what is indecent about the natural bodies we were given? I need one good example of why nudity is dirty and harmful to children. Like, people say if everyone was naked there would be a lot of perverts out and rape and bad stuff like that but even in Europe partial nudity is more accepted on beaches and TV and they really don't have problems like that any worse than we do, in fact when people are more used to it it's not purely sexual anymore but just more natural...which is the way our bodies should be seen. I don't really advocate going outside naked when it's freezing (that's not comfortable or practical), I mean clothes actually DO serve a purpose. But when it's like 75 and sunny, there is nothing like going outside with nothing on, I suggest it to anyone reading this (just make sure you're in a place where no people are around bc unfortunately someone may freak out or you could get in trouble. I basically started going nude in my room and outside a bit last summer when I saw a TV report on nudism and also read about it. I totally got the idea and I had been sleeping nude for a couple of years so it wasn't too long before I tried it outside of my bed.