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I did not write this but is from a fellow friend's Xanga:

Vegetarianism is a Teen Eating Disorder Now!

Some health news seem informative and interesting, but I think that things are just a little out of hand.

New studies and research are pointing towards believing that vegetarianism is a new teen eating disorder-fad. They say that teens are more concerned with losing weight than saving animals.

The studies show that, even though many teens claim to be pro-life for animals, they continue to eat chicken (about 1 in 4 teens) and even more continue to eat fish (about 56%). Along with that, 20% of teen vegetarians are said to be binge eaters, compared to the 5% of teen who eat meat.
This is from a felllow friend's xanga (not written by me). I am proud to announce that I am not a statistic as I DO care about animals and am practically vegetarian and I don't binge.

Okay. I guess these statistics would convince some of this claim. But not me. Although no longer a teen (but not far removed, as I'm only 22), I do seem to practice the no-four legged creatures rule that these teens follow. On occasion I'll eat a hamburger, but other than that, I tend to stay away from cow, lamb, pig, deer, or other hoofed animals. But does that mean that I'm binging, or a fake vegetarian? Definitely not. I would definitely not say that I have an eating disorder.

I wonder why it can't just be what it is, instead of doctors and scientists making it into a huge thing. Teens across the globe struggle with weight, and often try and find ways to mask their struggle. If a teen decides to go "vegetarian," shouldn't we just let them be? I don't see such a danger in binging on health foods, when it could have easily been the other way around.

I think we're a little too critical of eating habits. If you eat fast food more than once a week, you don't care about your health; if you skip a meal, you're anorexic; if you only eat chicken and fish, you have an eating disorder. I think people need to back off just a little bit.

How do you feel about the research pointing fingers at teens with eating disorders? Do you think that people are too sensitive about nutrition and healthy eating?
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